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Thomas Telford:

Suspension Bridges at Conwy and Menai Bridge

    Thomas Telford was born in Scotland in 1757. He was the son of a shepherd. When he was learning to be a stonemason he disliked his boss so much that he ran away and returned home.

    He found another stonemason to teach him and eventually he became a great civil engineer who built many roads, canals and bridges.

    He built the first modern suspension bridges in the world at Conwy and near Bangor. Both were completed in 1826.

    The Conwy suspension bridge is built very close to Conwy castle and Telford built it in a similar style to the castle.

    The Menai bridge near Bangor was built so that a new road from London to Holyhead could cross the Menai straits on to the island of Anglesey.

    Thomas died in 1834. He had built 36 bridges.

    Year 5 did a project on Thomas Telford to celebrate the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of his birth. Children wrote about Telford or drew or painted pictures of his bridges or made models.

                                    Lauren Williams & Kasia Haywood 


Menai suspension bridge linking the island of Anglesey to the mainland. The mountains of Snowdonia are in the background. (photo courtesy of Wikipaedia)


Conwy suspension bridge crossing the river Conwy. (photo courtesy of Wikipaedia)


At Conwy Telford built a huge cob across part of the estuary that consists of mudflats at low tide. Here you see the Conwy end of the cob with the 1960 bridge in the centre and part of Telford's bridge on the left, just in front of Conwy castle.


An impression of Menai suspension bridge painted by Sion Jones


Conwy suspension bridge


A simple model of Conwy bridge made by Kerry Parvin


Conwy bridge


Another drawing of Conwy bridge